Putin bombs Ukraine after Zelensky’s visit to Europe

The welcome of the countries of the European Union, bestowed on the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, provoked a harsh reaction from Moscow, irritated by the treatment of a defense hero of the attacked nation. There are basically two aspects that annoy Putin: the first is the international significance that Zelensky’s visit to Europe made it possible to give to the Ukrainian question and its invasion, allowing the world to understand that Europe it supports Kiev in a practically compact manner, an aspect that is not very welcome in a Kremlin that is increasingly isolated on an international level; the second, much worse from a military point of view, was the promise of further military aid, which could go as far as fighter planes. The retaliation was a massive bombardment with cruise missiles fired from Russian ships stationed near the Crimea and eastern Ukrainian territories, occupied by Russian troops. Despite the communication from the head of the Ukrainian forces, no missiles have crossed Romania, a country belonging to the Atlantic Alliance, which has in any case been grazed by the passage of a carrier just 35 kilometers from its borders, causing the alert of NATO procedures. To be crossed by at least one Russian missile was the nation of Moldova, which is a candidate country to join the European Union. As usual, Putin threatens the Atlantic Alliance closely, coming close to the error capable of causing the conflict and invades the airspace of a nation not involved in the conflict. On the other hand, the Kremlin considers the supplies and training provided by Western countries to the Ukrainian armed forces an indirect participation in the conflict alongside Kiev. In addition to the capital Kiev, the bombings hit other important cities in the country, and had the dual purpose of destroying vital infrastructure, such as power plants and energy distribution networks, continuing the policy of aggravating the situation of civilians to generate from internally an opposition to the current Ukrainian government: a failed attempt and with little hope that it will achieve its goal. The massive use of missiles has forced the Ukrainian anti-aircraft to a high numerical quantity of anti-aircraft missiles, which has intercepted 70% of Russian missiles, but, at the same time, has emptied the arsenals, another factor has contributed to this: the interception of Iranian-made drones, which were 80% annihilated. The Russian strategy may be to weaken the enemy’s countermeasures in anticipation of the much feared spring attack. Precisely for this reason Zelensky’s trip was necessary to request urgent supplies of new weapons, for the West the defeat of Russia is necessary to limit the head of the Kremlin and bring him to any negotiations in an unfavorable position. However, it remains among the possibilities that the confrontation between the West and Russia could become direct, above all, if Moscow fails in its intentions and will be forced to use short-range atomic weapons, thus determining the response of the United States and the his allies.

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