Netanyahu’s government towards mistrust

Israel risks going to elections for the fourth time in two years: the worrying eventuality is due to the decision of the leader of the Blue White party, in government, albeit reluctantly, with Netanyahu, to vote no confidence in the executive, presented by the opposition party which was formed by the split of the Blue White party precisely because of the decision to create the coalition government currently in power. Just seven months have passed since the inauguration of the current executive based on too fragile balances and on which Netanyahu built his umpteenth political survival tactic, with the clear intention of escaping the accusations of fraud, corruption and abuse of power, which have generated three distinct judicial procedures. The political accusation against Netanyahu, which, instead, led to the vote in favor of no confidence, concerns the failure to respect the agreed commitments to keep the coalition government alive. The leader of the party Bul Bianco, the former Israeli chief of staff, however, has left one option to avoid the fall of the government: to allow the budget to be approved on time. This move represents a real ultimatum for Netanyahu, as failure to approve the state budget by December 23 will result in the dissolution of the Israeli parliament. The meaning is to unmask the head of the government, making clear his real intentions to postpone the duration of the government or to opt for a new electoral round that can postpone the judicial troubles. Netanyahu’s attempt to keep the government alive appeared to be a mere exercise in rhetoric: appealing to tasks to be completed, impossible to complete in an electoral climate, his will to keep the government alive did not appear entirely convinced. , on the other hand since the last electoral campaign the distance between the two sides was very wide and only the need not to appear in front of the electorate as irresponsible political formations, had led the parties that form the executive to support a government in which they had not strongly believed. Netanyahu could also seize a political opportunity from new elections, especially from those circles that see his activism in foreign policy in a positive way, capable of bringing Israel out of regional isolation thanks to agreements with Arab states, not only in an anti-Iranian function. , but also with potential commercial developments capable of opening new markets to Israeli exports; However, it will also be necessary to verify the weight of the growing opposition to these contacts and the ever-present problem of the colonies. The change that will occur in the American administration will be a further factor that could be decisive in a possible new vote. However, for the current Israeli prime minister, new elections seem like a gamble, a not exactly calculated risk, because the vote of no confidence in the country’s main party would prevent further political alliances, albeit in an electoral framework that risks being blocked once again. There are also practical reasons that prevent the continuation of the collaboration: the Blue White party has repeatedly stressed how the premier has blocked the renewal of the highest offices of the state and has conducted recent foreign policy actions, such as the meeting with the prince. Saudi hereditary, heavily criticized around the world for his actions, without warning his allies. However, Netanyahu’s behavior is not new and does not escape his already applied logic towards the Palestinians, made up of functional postponements and stop and go strategies in negotiations aimed at buying time to take advantage of better opportunities. Also this time the premier continued with a similar behavior, however employed in internal politics, evading the commitments made with the government partners and confirming the total unreliability towards other subjects than himself; the main international conjuncture given by the change in the White House threatens to be the worst obstacle in his path, even if it is true that he managed to survive Obama, ultimately demonstrating his tactical shrewdness. In an increasingly divided country and with ongoing judicial investigations, the fall of the government and subsequent elections could put an end to Benyamin Netanyahu’s political career; unless you find yet another expedient to stay.