While the U.S. will reinforce Australia, outlining the new global duopoly

The U.S. redraw their military strategy, which should follow the progressive disengagement, if such is possible in the light of new developments increasingly foreign policy from Iraq and Afghanistan. The new region of strategic importance has long been considered fundamental found on the continent and ocean to Australia in particular, to address what is the new superpower rival U.S.: China. The alliance with the country of kangaroos will proceed in stages with a first deployment of troops in the content and then increases, reaching a number of staff to around 2,500. Obama has emphasized that both the U.S. and Australia are two countries traditionally friends, who are both in the Pacific and have common interests with both economic and military. It ‘clear that the goal, not so hidden, this message is Beijing, which, moreover, has so far welcomed the U.S. initiative in favor. After all the U.S. assets of the Asian continent are increasingly important to the vision of Obama is leading not only to protect allies in the area such as Japan and South Korea, but to preside over the important trade routes in the Pacific not to leave the dominance of China. The presence in Australia is configured so as a garrison and logistics base in the United States in an area that is increasing its importance in Washington’s foreign policy. What is going to outline the scenario is almost a restatement of the second pole after the war, however, mitigated by the presence of other actors on the scene that limit the preponderance of the two main subjects. The EU, Russia, India, Brazil and the Arab countries of the galaxy that is forming as a result of the development of the Arab spring, are the subjects that can tip the balance one way or the other, but do not seem have sufficient autonomy to become a power to be included in the comparison of duopoly until American. Also there is the whole range of emerging countries in Asia and Africa that have large natural resources capable of affecting the markets and on which you play the game of the influences of the two superpowers. The path embarked on by the power relations between the two states which arise as a guide in the world, albeit in different ways, is therefore likely to develop in a continuous search for alliances that will become, to some extent mobile, the scenario will be based more on blocks rigidly defined, but around most loyal allies will create new bonds less rigid. An example of this situation could be evolving the current Pakistan, which has never made an alliance with the U.S. is heading towards tighter relations with the Chinese juggernaut. Positioned in the world that is emerging characterization of fidelity, especially for countries out of poverty is most extreme, the result will be to grasp opportunities to capitalize on its resources within the international arena.

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