The Vatican for a world government finance

On the issue of economic governance of global finance and the Vatican publishes its proposal and hitting the target in a matter of saying what they admit the necessity of creating a new global authority that involves not only the major world economic powers, but also developing countries and nations in the bottom of the list of income and is intended to govern monetary and financial processes at the global level, with the rewriting of the rules of trade and the exercise of monitoring compliance with the new regulations . This is the substance of the document presented by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. The solution is both a natural conclusion of a careful reflection of the performance record and economic logic definition of a problem that will arouse opposition in various financial institutions and politicians, jealous of their autonomy of management. It focuses primarily on two key points, which are the descriptions which must develop the new world government finance: the first is precisely the creation of a body which regulates and controls the financial operating performance, which should not be, force, created from scratch, but it can be used to supplement and integrate an existing powers and functions. A concrete example may be the World Bank, which could be identified as an institution on which plant the new features. The second cornerstone is the reform of the monetary system, which must be rethought in order to promote more egalitarian in the sense of financial exchange, in such a way as to favor not the good part of the common good of the entire PA system. Even if it seems utopian vision, is a clear signal for the need of the church to affirm the need for a change in the pattern today. But beyond the technical information that could be defined in the document are assessments that go into political and moral sense contraio canons and principles that have governed the economy so far. What is the situation calls for a radical reflection on the social fallout that had the neo-liberal theories in economics, with a final completely negative. The Church shows that contrary to the total absence of rules that the 80s of last century have swept away the forms of protection of families and individuals, identifying these causes as possible grounds for subversion of the democratic order and social stability. The document comes in identifying the need for taxation of financial transactions as part of balancing both the macro and micro in the first case going to fuel the creation of a world fund to spare for the economies in crisis and their subsequent recovery, while in the second the case could go to fund state-based tools can provide advanced forms of welfare. The document is ultimately affirmed the conviction of globalization without any form of control, so praised by the liberal governments of the mold and now finally identified as a factor of social disturbance.

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