The Security Council adopts a resolution on Syria

The Security Council of the United Nations adopted a resolution that urges the Assad regime the passage of humanitarian aid. The fact is significant since the resolution was passed with the votes of Russia and China , which has always run counter to decisions against Syria. If China’s practice of voting against responding to their logical foreign policy , influenced by the practice of non -interference in the internal affairs of other states, for Russia the continuous exercise of the right of veto was tied to geopolitical needs of Moscow, which , thanks to the Assad regime , it can keep its only naval base in the Mediterranean. It is significant that Russia’s decision to join the humanitarian resolution , coincided with the evolution of the story of Ukraine , where President Yanukovych, near Moscow, was in fact replaced . The new UN resolution calls on all parties to the dispute , that even the government of Assad’s Syria , so that the transit permission to the staff of humanitarian agencies of the United Nations through the battle lines , to ensure medical help and food supplies to the population. The resolution contains the possibility of additional measures in case the parties impede the work of the agencies. This provision could also mean the use of force , a measure which , until now , the UN had always discarded. This is particularly significant when one considers that the resolution expressly prohibits the use of weapons against densely populated areas , especially the heavy artillery , air strikes and the use of the barrels loaded with explosives . As can be seen from this list, these are the methods most frequently used by the regular army , which is also the only one to have an air force . It remains, however, to be verified if the Assad regime wanted to break the text of the resolution which would be the cohesion of the Security Council in issuing a while expected , in retaliation. Additionally significant is the presence of the recognition of violations of humanitarian law , through violence , from Damascus in this way is also paved the way for a possible international prosecution , this hypothesis , repeatedly advocated by many, it could also be a real threat so that Assad accepts the possibility of an exile , which would permit the creation of a long -awaited transitional government. These measures have long been sought by the Western powers and the Arab League , but suffered the obstruction of Russia and China , at the headquarters of the Security Council , only coming to a unanimous statement , taken last October , to encourage transit emergency vehicles . Legally, the difference between declaration and resolution is substantial, since the first is a recommendation , not a prescription, which is based on the principles of international law. The important fact is that the resolution taken by the Security Council now opens up the possibility of armed intervention , such as the one carried out in Libya. This in turn may contain the desire to create the conditions for a suspension of the conflict and open to a political transition , dictated by the poor results of the meetings in Geneva, who have not registered any progress. Finally, it is to record the location of excessive caution of Ban Ki Moon, who was limited to express concepts such as discounted that such resolutions should not be necessary , because humanitarian intervention should be granted and guaranteed by international humanitarian law. Too bad it’s just what you should ensure the UN.

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