The reconstruction of Libya passes for the UN and NATO

NATO seeks to carve out a role in the reconstruction of Libya. Despite not having deployed ground troops, the air action of the Atlantic alliance was an important factor to bring the rebels to victory against Gaddafi. The new government can not exempt themselves from reliance some assignment to NATO, which aims to join the Libyan transition to avoid dangerous infiltration of elements that are part of religious extremism. Libya is considered a strategic alliance to oversee the Atlantic shore of the Mediterranean, with the goal of preventing terrorism. Often used as a bridge for the refugees from Libya may have passed, and transit elements, which are potentially enlist in the terrorist groups based in Europe. However, the role of NATO should not be leading, not to compromise the image of the new government as too pro-Western. The idea is to operate under UN auspices, which will certainly try to ensure the delicate transition process, which does not occur easily. When they finally extinguished the fires of war will not be easy to reach satisfactory agreements for all the diverse components of the world that has rebelled against Gaddafi. Libya is a very fragmented tribal society, with even strong antagonism between the different clans, which must be added the years of resentment toward those tribes that have endorsed materilamente Gaddafi, drawing big advantages at the expense of the tribes against the dictator. It is also to balance the equilibrium between the cities of the country with Tripoli, which will cede some of its importance for the benefit of the city as measured in the forefront of the war. Precisely because of this fragmented society, no longer ruled by the iron fist of Gaddafi, will be required, at least in certain moments immediately following the end of the conflict, an armed force of interposition to avoid dangerous conflicts between the winners, so far held together by a common aversion to dictatorship. What is born will be a potentially very rich country, but that will have to rebuild its social fabric and belonging to the same nation, especially recognized as such. It will be a nation to be rebuilt from scratch to start the necessary protection of democracy, a form of government known only indirectly through the internet. In this framework, the UN intervention, such as supranational body capable of providing guidelines and support, coupled with other organizations such as NATO, the EU and the African Union will undoubtedly be necessary and should provide adequate certainty of outcome.

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