The interested help of China

The European public debt creates opportunities for China. The difficulties of European states, who can not untangle the skein of your debt, huge open space for maneuver for Beijing. They range from the possible purchase of stakes in companies deemed strategic for the economy of China, the diplomatic power that can be gained by buying shares of public debt, as you well know the U.S. forced to renege on large proportions of their policies on civil rights. But there is an even greater goal, which if reached would allow China to achieve a real oxymoron: the definition of a market economy. In essence this is what most press in Beijing that China has publicly requested in Brussels. In exchange, partially granted to countries such as Hungary, Greece, Portugal and Spain and the ability to tune it to Italy, China demands the end of the embargo of arms sales, but especially the formal recognition of economy market. The request is a real trap for the European economy, while at the same level as China, corroborate the means of production practice in Beijing, which consist of a set of rules that result in unfair competition. The absence of trade union rights and safety laws cause a significant lowering of labor costs, to recover which Europe can only line up down, causing a tightening of quality production and declining consumption. There are only two answers to give to Beijing against the refusal or the request to bring the working conditions of Chinese workers and employees to Western standards. But that is inadmissible by the Chinese leadership because it requires a legislative effort against the direction taken by Beijing and cuts one of the strengths of the Chinese economy: the low labor cost. Leaving aside the discourse on civil rights and fundamental, which must always be a touchstone to never move, even the cost-effectiveness, to the benefit of instant calm the stock market indices, it does not seem to be a good deal to give in to demands Chinese. It can be argued that this situation is already, the Western companies already struggling with these conditions of artificial competition, but this is true only for the production of low quality, where there is need for reliable production or luxury, they are still holding Western to hold higher market shares, all with the highest labor costs in a much more rigid and secure.
All this must be clear to governments that must decide whether to accept such aid. Put the enemy house keys in your hand is never a good investment.

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