The future of the EU and the Italian case

The feeling prevalent in Italy, is that to make such an economic and financial operation, there was no need for a government of so technical. This is a maneuver that, contrary to the proclaimed with so much emphasis, not at all egalitarian, but that impoverishes those who are already struggling to extricate itself from a rising cost of living and increasing lack of public services. At least a little more imagination was to be expected from those who were presented by prestigious curriculum and presented himself as the bearer of greater equality, of course, in the sacrifices. None of this: the Europe of technocrats has been pleased this government and the wheel went markets, no protection for harassment imposed by Brussels, with shots of theater, like the crocodile tears of the minister announcing the subversion the future life of a large number of workers, innocent of the previous breakdown and lack of alternative solutions of this government. All matured into a sweet coup, imposed from Brussels, where an elected government took decisions of such importance, without, moreover, with the social partners agree on anything. We are facing a dangerous precedent for the life of the European Union, which enjoys less popular support and begins to be seen as a stepmother. What is happening in Italy, goes beyond previous raids in the life of an EU state and is a violation of the same exercise of democracy in euro policy, but even worse is that the EU is not fully responsible for the treatment of Italy and not only that, but it is hostage to the same anti-deflationary policy only of its majority shareholder: Germany. With a similar picture is not the essence of the European alliance, was too unbalanced on the wishes and needs of Berlin. We are facing the zero degree of European relations, if you do not find a place to start is very difficult for the Union to be able to proceed with such unbalanced relationships, the future is increasingly clear statement of movements and parties that put the center of their electoral programs the progressive detachment from the constraints of increasingly stringent EU. If Brussels does not understand this, his death is already written; the Union to be able to move forward should not longer be perceived as an element of suffocation but must reassert itself as a source of practical development not only for large groups, but must lead to the well-being right on the doorstep of the family. The Eurocrats have to repair the faults generated by a management that has given too much space to a liberalism without restraints. Having said that the issue of remediation is essential because of the weakest parts of society, but are not these parties who have to bear, almost exclusively, the cost, partly because they are not responsible, but too easy to go to cash in where the resources , although small, are trustworthy and safe, without any processing of finding an alternative resource, not only by government, but especially the central, or from Brussels, the Union’s function is incomplete and will increasingly imposed from above, causing a natural aversion in the electorate as a whole.

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