The dangerous Russian attitude on Iran

The stalling of negotiations on Iranian nuclear, being held in Moscow, does not see positive results in the development of the issue. If the intention was to avert the possible Israeli attack, it should be said immediately that the conditions are not changed. The Russian stonewalling, outlined the foreign policy line taken by Putin, further contributes to a situation more confused. The impression is that Iran is instrumental to Russia and that it is also true, against U.S. and Europe. Beyond the diplomatic front, Moscow has taken a very precise way against the Iranian issue, which focuses in delaying the decision of the panel of the U.S., Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, Germany, in order to allow time for Iran in his plans. On the other hand, if Tehran persists in not implement requests for inspection of the sites indicted, clearly shows his true intentions, which can only be those that scare Tel Aviv. Moscow is pursuing a dangerous game in the Middle East, as well as with the Iran issue, including recent developments in Syria, put Russia in a position antithetical to the West, which can not but worry the international scene. Allow Iran to gain time and thus increase the atomic technology, a strategy appears to be almost incomprehensible, the risk of creating a truly regional conflict that could escalate into something larger, it is an instrument of pressure against the U.S., dense too many unknowns. The relationship is being created between the Iranian theocracy and Moscow can spin out of control in a not too distant future. The doubts that the Russian attitude raises must be included in the address given by Putin, willing to risk much to undermine the role of dominant power of the United States. Economic reasons are not enough, perhaps more suited to China, to explain the turning on foreign policy to the new tenant of the Kremlin. If Moscow thinks to catch up in the list of super powers, with a desperate tactic, you do not have many arguments to recur to the attention of the world, but this strategy of desperation can only point out the dangers of bears former Soviet Union, in identity crisis emerged in all its arrogance. If Moscow were to escape control, who believes that he, Iran, the world, the questions become very disturbing.

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