The dangerous precedent Italian

Politically, what happens in Italy, can be interpreted as a laboratory, a possible future of Europe, where the normal democratic practices are suspended in a gentle way, to promote the supremacy of the economic and financial, grappling with the ravages they themselves have generated. Behind the state of economic emergency, urgent and certainly present, you have come to create the conditions for an urgent intervention enshrined in the highest office in the state and supported by the main parties of the country, which have given the solution adopted all the trappings democracy. If so formally, the substance seems directed in the opposite direction: the country is led by an unelected government, not the past, ie, under the formal evaluation of the electorate, but only examined, but in the manner provided by law, by the Legislature. This is the situation of the facts without any assessment of merit. If we want to get into a more partisan, is frankly doubt that the so called government of technicians, is composed of people linked hand in glove with that world, both financial and academic, who, at best, while he held important positions , did not realize he was facing ruin of the country. This consideration would be sufficient only to delegitimize what is the strength of the Italian executive: competence. Nor does it seem just the matter of international prestige, which the lower was accused, perhaps wrongly, the previous government, since the strong appreciation of the members of the EU, Germany and France, seems to be built at a table to present a European Union stronger than before the financial landscape. That Italy, being the third euro zone economy, is important, even decisive, in the context of the salvation of the single currency is established, but this government seems to be too complacent and flattened on economic and financial policies, which are dictated solely to the functionality of German demands, to which France is also in tow, though more subdued manner. In order to evaluate the measures taken by the government in power in Rome, one can only emphasize that the measures adopted, with the endorsement of what until recently she was the main opposition party and that you declare to the left, go only one way of protecting wealth from work, provide the revenues of capital and therefore in essence protect the financial world, which was practically required no sacrifice. Conversely, the ax has fallen on government salaries and pensions going to aggravate situations already compromised by the economic crisis and that the spectacle of evasion, of course to be pursued, it seems that the more a sop designed to compensate, so the psychological new difficulties, since the income has not been recovered so far, used to lower the taxation of income ivello fixed. This easy to develop and implement policy, which does not require to be thought of, certainly the academic and professional competence of which are full of new curricula Italian ministers, puts into practice the destruction of the welfare state, as repeatedly requested by the financial world, not could be implemented by the previous right-wing government that drove the country, because it was massively opposed by the world of opposing political party. Now the inclusion of the main opposition party in the majority supporting the government, with the excuse of necessity and urgency, endorsed measures are clearly contrary to the quality of life of one who represents the constituency of that party. But this can not prevent the application even if the opposition party has made their own parts of the world that has caused the current state of ruin. This presumption has extensive preamble to explain what may encounter a Europe free of certain rules and shared policies and institutions strong and independent, who can focus on the common good rather than maintain the strength of certain parts of the system, feeding inequality and time keeping impoverish the mass of citizens. The Italian example is the concrete proof of a social and economic setback faced by the entire European population, that is in danger of being driven, as is happening in Italy, from the social part that caused the failure, without even I picked one. Even under the attack of the speculative world, that may very well be compared to a war and suspend the decisions of the people can not be a good practice and a real danger that this mode is extended, it can become a dangerous precedent. Moreover, the attempt to suspend the Greek sovereignty, to Germany and spent almost unnoticed, is an obvious follow up to this undemocratic way that seems to have taken the old continent. That first thing is to avoid the lethargy and resignation that seem to have affected people, the mission is not easy because the media seem to be compact, with a few exceptions, proponents of this new way of governing the people and things. Indeed, after years of sleeping pills television, even the positions taken by the indignant are damped by repression and silence, and ordinary people is more china on itself in an attempt to reach the end of the month. Yet a European spring is increasingly necessary to raise awareness and acknowledge the need not retreat before the erosion of hard-won rights from previous generations. Europe was found to improve the lives of its citizens not to make it worse.

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