Sudan accuses Israel of having bombed a factory of arms

A new scenario, parallel to the main one, it opens in the conflict between Iran and Israel. The bombing of a weapons factory in the state of Sudan, Khartoum that attaches the Air Force of the Israeli state, determined the presence of two Iranian warships in the city of Port Sudan, Red Sea resort, a sign of support and friendship , as stated by the sources of the Sudanese government, the African country. The weapons factory was affected because it built weapons to Tehran, circumstance, however, denied by the government of Omar al-Bashir, the official put the same source, however, has connected this hypothesis in reason that caused the military action, in which they lost their lives two people. If Israel officially silent, perhaps in order to avoid international censure for having conducted an act of war on foreign territory without the necessary proceedings for a declaration of war under international law, Iran has not missed an opportunity to strengthen its presence in a region that seems increasingly attracting the interests of the Islamic republic. Iran has, in fact, opened four new diplomatic missions in Africa: Somalia, Djibouti, South Sudan and Cameroon, with the clear intention to break the isolation of Western sanctions and establish itself as a leading country in the region through substantial aid to populations in need; remarkable, in this sense, has been the economic effort of Tehran who donated $ 43 million to fight famine in the Horn of Africa. But the support is not disinterested, a UN report, already built five years ago, accusing Tehran of supporting financially and militarily the Somali Islamic Courts, which gave birth to Al Shabab, an extremist Islamic organization, matrix growth, guilty of hampered humanitarian aid organizations for food shortages that hit the region and also the protagonist of actions within the borders of Kenya. The two countries, Iran and Israel, in short, continue to practice an undeclared war that is spreading to regions already battered, in absolute silence of the United Nations. If the bombing in Sudan was actually carried out by Israel, we would be faced with an action that can only be described as state terrorism being practiced an attack by regular forces to a foreign country outside the practices of international law and should be in constitute a danger signal alarming for world peace, for that matter even the Iranian action does not seem blameless, for daring policy pursued so far, both countries deserve censure, at least on a formal level: the UN at least save face.

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