North Korea praises Russia for its role of countering the US

Kim Jong-un met the Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, declaring to appreciate the role that Russia plays on the international chessboard to counter American hegemony. If these words compromise the dialogue between Pyonyang and Washington, it is too soon to be able to affirm it, but this novelty of North Korean foreign policy could mean that the regime intends to play on several tables. The first thing to note is the efforts of North Korea to stop the international isolation that it had voted for: the resumption of dialogue with South Korea, the beginning of negotiations with the US and now relations with Russia they can signal a change of course. What is the possible meaning of this trend reversal? The economic question certainly has its own importance: to get out of a crisis that has lasted for a long time, North Korea must inevitably open up to the world, but this intent can go hand in hand with the need to play an international role. alternative, and non-productive, to the exclusive threat of using the atomic arsenal. It is also true that, in the negotiations with the United States, by force of things unbalanced in favor of Washington, Pyonyang must also find forms of parallel pressure towards the White House, since Beijing has decided to be present in a non-palpable way alongside Kim Jong-un. Already the mere fact of meeting one of the greatest opponents of the US at this particular moment means putting some sort of political pressure on the White House, further affirming that the role of countering American supremacy, played by Moscow, is essential for world political balances. He certainly wants to be a message to Trump and his entourage. For Russia it is yet another opportunity to exploit, both to enter an isolated world, which at most falls within the Chinese influence, and to disturb the American action in North Korea, which at this moment appears to be the central point of the US foreign policy. In this line, the invitation for an official visit to Moscow must also be read, which could represent a further innovation for Kim Jong-un. A strengthening of relations between the two countries could be seen with discomfort from China, which could live as an invasion of Moscow’s own sphere of influence. Or the reverse could also be true: China and Russia may have agreed on this move to put pressure on Trump to define the US situation with North Korea. It would not be the first time that Beijing and Moscow are acting in concert to achieve a goal. What seems to be sure is that Kim Jong-un’s willingness to have relations with Russia may be the beginning of a new political phase in the North Korean country to stop its closure to the world, this, net of any possible speculation, it must also be an aspect to be exploited by other international actors to try to include as much as possible a country that has made isolation its fundamental line and through this make it less and less dangerous

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