Israeli fears for the power to Muslims in Egypt

Israel’s worst fears have come true with the election of President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. The hopes of an election candidate’s army were frustrated by the rise to power of the exponent of a movement of radical Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood, which considers Israel an enemy state. The official reaction in Tel Aviv are cool and marked by statements of fact, where he praises the Egyptian democratic progress and respect for the outcome of the elections, calling for the continuation of good relations present ta the two states. However, the real feelings of the country are deeply concerned about the possible developments of the situation and to the disappointment of failure to establish a fully secular democracy in Cairo. This, incidentally, was the error of judgment made by all Western governments, where it was felt that a revolution against a dictatorship would lead automatically to a democracy free from theocratic influences, characterized by elements, and this is the ‘ oxymoron, containing elements of authoritarianism. Issue perceived by the vast majority of Egyptians, who went to the polls because of the lack of confidence in both political conendenti, arrived on the ballot. For Israel now realizes the fear of the future of the Treaty of Camp David, which has allowed us to maintain a strong safety for thirty years on the southern border of the country. If these conditions were to change, to Tel Aviv is to review the whole entire defense posture in the country.
Despite the new Egyptian president has specifically said he will not change anything about trttati into force with Israel, the latter has an idea of ​​the Muslim Brotherhood, which puts them not far from Al Qaeda and basically does not believe the words of bites. The scheme that may arise is that of a maintenance officer of the Treaty, not infringed by official aid in weapons to Hamas and the reopening of Gaza border, which would allow the entry of terrorists into the Sinai, directly, by increasing the operational capacity of the movements anti-Israeli. Not even the faint hope that they see the Egyptian army as a possible counterweight to the power of the Muslim Brotherhood, may grant some peace to the Israelis. The days seem fact of cooperation between the two states against radical Islamic movements, the turnaround in Cairo is to assume a different attitude, certainly more tolerant towards Islamist groups, which certainly can not but raise the tension between two countries. For by the fall of Mubarak that we are witnessing repeated incidents and clashes on the border between Israel and Egypt, which can only be the prelude to a situation will worsen if more people do not intervene in the political arena egiziana.

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