Israel benefited from the fall of Mursi

One of the possible consequences of the fall of incidental Mursi is represented by the stabilization of relations between Israel and Egypt. In Tel Aviv the fall of the Egyptian president was welcomed as a positive development, which could bring the relations between the two countries towards more stable conditions. Although Israel has always maintained a diplomatic silence of everything, both during the presidency Mursi, who during the recent developments, the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood had lived with anxiety about the concrete possibilities of facilitating the movement of Hamas, between the strip Gaza and the Egyptian country. This had resulted in a need to deploy a greater number of troops on the border of Sinai. The decidedly more secular orientation of the armed forces of Egypt, allows Israel to look with more confidence the developments of the situation in the country of the Pyramids, also because of the traditional bond that there has always been among the Egyptian armed forces and the United States , who during the Mubarak dictatorship, have never failed war supplies. Besides just for Washington to have a closer relationship with Cairo, in a framework of balance of the country, is fundamental in the Middle East strategy, both for the great influence of the country on the Arab world, which for its geographical location, which in case agreement allows, in fact, Israel greater tranquility on the southern border. At the same time the non-confessional tendencies of the Egyptian armed forces, provide a contrast to religious extremism, especially in the area of ​​Sinai, where the preventive action of the army was held back by the government of Mursi, now, on the contrary, the military will is greater freedom of action against potential terrorists. According to Israeli sources the two sides, after the removal of President Mursi, would have strengthened the security cooperation, which, however, had not been interrupted since the fall of Mubarak. However, an important aspect for Israel are received for retaliatory threats that come from sectors particularly extreme Egyptian Islamic world, disappointed by the fall of Mursi, to cope with possible attacks, Israel has agreed with Egypt a greater presence of Egyptian military in the Sinai, to prevent any evidence of the strength of Islamic militants. The prediction is that more Israeli accredited in the country is that of a stay lasting from the army in the middle of the Egyptian political scene, as the armed forces are the subject more cohesive and rooted in the territory and very difficult to dislodge, as evidenced by the events of recent days. This is also because of the lack of a strong political personality, able to restrain the action of the armed forces, as happened in Turkey with Erdogan.

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