Iran: Israel will do what?

Can Israel decide to attack Iran alone, because he fears the final development of the atomic bomb in Tehran? The issue is of vital importance, try to understand what it will do the Israeli government is crucial to understand in which direction will the world BALANCE. State of the art, despite the unanimous condemnation from, at least from the West, only Tel Aviv is pushing for a military solution, which plans to hit Iran’s atomic installations on the ground. The U.S., despite falls as a possible solution to the armed intervention, we have for now ruled out for obvious reasons the implementation of opportunities for both foreign and domestic policy. Netanyahu, in keeping with its reputation for toughness pushes for armed intervention, but it is not clear if he’s bluffing or if you really dare to unilaterally bomb Iran. In any case, what he wants is to force the hands of the U.S., which does not approve of the conduct found to substantially low profile against Tehran. Indeed, it is unthinkable that in case of attack by the Tel Aviv, also not agreed with Washington, the U.S. then leave the Israelis to their fate. But in this case the intervention of armed force Stars and Stripes would be an event that would have obligated consequences, probably irreparable, at the level of diplomatic relations. Very different is the case of a military solution agreed, even exasperating behavior obtained with and convicted, not in public, by the U.S. government. For now, Iran does not seem to give in to Israeli provocations and maintains its own line, even if an episode he left Tehran, however unlikely, would delight Netanyahu, who wants to have a chance, however slight, to justify an action armed against Iran. While I understand the fears of a nuclear warhead pointed at Jerusalem, to decipher what seems crazy behavior on the part of Israel, and even approves of the U.S., there is no other explanation that the secret services of Tel Aviv have records related to a Iran very close to the construction progress of the atomic bomb without, however, have reached completion. If this is true then one can understand the urgency of a military action carried out in a very short time to destroy and possibly reset the progress Iran permanently. The analysis of the benefits of such action, which seems to still be a huge gamble, should be sufficient to overcome any cost, even without certain items, they should be very high. For Israel, then the Iranian nuclear problem must be defined, even at the expense of higher interests, exclusive of its function, although understandable, needs.

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