Iran could pollute the Strait of Hormuz

Iran could use the ecological terrorism to try to mitigate the sanctions applicable to it by Western countries, the issue of the atomic bomb. The plan, which was developed by the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Ali Mohammed Jafari, would expect to pollute the Strait of Hormuz through a release of crude oil, which should lead to the closure of navigation. Implementation of the plan should be feasible with the crash of a tanker against a particular rocky area of ​​the strait, accessible only to the Iranian authorities. The implementation of this plan would be a direct sanction Iran to the world economy, because block the transit of the tanks of the Arab countries overlooking the Persian Gulf, would constitute a very significant obstacle to the global economy with obvious repercussions on crude oil prices. But, with this goal, Iran may be associated with other simultaneously. The first is just to damage the oil economies of the Arab countries hostile to Iran, Saudi Arabia for the first, the second is to force the West to mitigate the sanctions to be able to physically operate, even together with Iranian organizations, the clean up the polluted sea areas.
Iranian strategy plays, in short, on many fronts to try to mitigate the effects of the sanctions, despite a few exceptions, are beginning to put in serious difficulties the regime. This plan, for the truth is not new, and has been threatened several times in case there is the possibility of attack by Israel and the U.S., but the intention to put in place regardless of the implementation of threats Tel Aviv, can only mean that Tehran could groped a move of desperation to mitigate the economic effects of sanctions on the country. However, such a venture would expose Iran to measures even heavier and add a new motivation for military action, which may converge other powers. They are probably these evaluations, which have prevented, to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to give away, for now, the operation of eco-terrorism.

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