Greece on the intolerable German proposal

The German claim to put under the protection of a greek EU Commissioner for the country, is beyond any possible intrusion tolerable. If implemented this measure would mean the end of the sovereignty of the Hellenic people in its territory and its management and would constitute a dangerous precedent, which says a lot about the ambitions of Germany. Despite the difficult situation, the more desperate times called, of Greece, can not be said that the government in Athens has not submitted its citizens to harsh economic measures, which have considerably worsened the quality of life. This is not the place, nor the intention to assess the validity of these measures, but rather a fact of political record internationally of unprecedented severity. Regardless of the causes of the disaster greek, on which, however it is also important to remember the good earnings of German banks in 2010 is inconceivable how a country might want to impose their will on another in a manner so blatant, and even more serious is this from happening in the frame of the European Union and in almost total silence of the central institutions in Brussels. It ‘true that Germany is now the majority shareholder of the euro, but such behavior is not tolerable, because it undermines the very foundations of Europe. It becomes necessary to put a stop to this desire of the dirigiste Merkel, who borders on authoritarianism to stop at any cost. The reasons for such a sortie, lie in the difficulty of the Chancellor with his electorate, which does not include the reasons for the very survival of the German economy are intimately linked to the salvation of the euro. But this difficulty does not justify the slip committed in wanting to remove the political sovereignty of Greece. The mission statement of Merkel becomes a dangerous program, which could become a precedent to be applied to other authoritarian countries in crisis, going to scary scenarios envisage such as suspension of the rules and democratic life, in the name of economic data unclear and verifiable. It ‘clear that this warning applies not only for Germany but for every other actor who wanted to be the bearer of such initiatives. In fact it would not be tolerated even if the proposal had come from the central European institutions, because it would be a violation of international law and would constitute an interruption of the democratic sovereignty of an entire people. This evolution of the possible solutions to the crisis of the euro constitutes a series until now not expected by political analysts, who will quickly fill this void. In fact, although it is hoped that this solution is not practiced, we need to imagine the possible scenarios that might trigger. Objectively is very difficult for any nation, especially Western, can accept such a resolution, Greece is also out of a dictatorship in relatively recent times and wanting to impose another, for more than a foreign master, does not seem the best solution to save the single currency. Perhaps the intention was Merkel’s statement to internal consumption, but if so, it is impossible not to recognize the skill of the driver the first European nation. Conversely, if the statement corresponds to a real intention was to shoot the thing that immediately, should have been an unequivocal declaration of the Heads of State against this proposal. So it was not. This means that the danger of a suspension of democratic rights in the name of economic and financial adjustment in the euro area is not so farfetched an idea. The real risk, God forbid it is, is to put Europe at a rapprochement with the production methods and its corollaries, the Chinese system of its own? But if that were what I expected the old continent is still a historical phase of confusion and almost total poverty. A solution to the truth too little joke, is the constitution, finally, the United States of Europe, a union where all the European peoples who want it, are together in a political tool, and where some of the single currency is only accessory to political unity and direction.

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