Germanized Europe is not for the citizens

In the new Europe, which revolves around Germany, there is no project for the development and growth, enabling it to make sense of the sacrifices required for the population. The obsession with attention to budgets, to be achieved only through substantial cuts in public spending, which, basically, go to undermine the foundations of the welfare state, can not generate, as an accessory effect, the depletion of social classes from which you intends to drain fluids. The wicked actions, passed off as bitter medicine, all are characterized by a lack of fairness and go to hit the middle class and low, compressing the spending power and leaving, however, virtually unchanged the purchasing power of the wealthier classes. This is a classic scheme now applied by Thatcher, Reagan, Bush to Berlusconi, but that both Merkel and Sarkozy do not seem to miss. Apart from the ideological departure, what you believe, said as simply as possible, is that if the wealthy classes maintain an adequate supply of spending can increase spending and therefore the economy, which should increase or maintain certain values ​​within the gross domestic product, through which the state can collect tax revenue. The shortsightedness of this view has its weak point in assuming that the wealthy classes will continue to spend on goods they already have, so if this requirement is not met we went into recession and the sacrifices required are not sufficient to compensate for the decrease in the gross domestic product. For now, the German leadership does not appear in the discussion, but it is clear that only the fundamental is given by its economy, rather than the authoritativeness of his Chancellor, who continues to impose strict measures for the other, without proposing alternatives that allow growth of the area. This lack could soon be fatal to Merkel, the degree of saving the euro will no longer suffice when, after the emergency phase, with its own resources or with external assistance (see China), the rest of Europe could be in a situation of stagnation due to the attrition of the economic impact of close economic measures imposed from Berlin. What is at stake for the EU is the transition from turbulence to economic policy, because it is inevitable, long game, that the imbalance imposed by Germany goes beyond the existing discontent. At that point, at best, it may have been with the accounts in order, but with the most impoverished citizens unless and then prostrate with economies still in trouble. The point is that in the end, the many sacrifices will be served only for large institutions, it will save the banks, but worsened the plight of families, just for the goals it had set Europe to its foundation.

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