FAO concerned about the increase in agricultural prices

FAO sounds the alarm over increases and high volatility of food prices. The data recorded in the world raise a genuine concern for the new global crisis that threatens to trigger short. While the negative effects of food crisis in the Horn of Africa are still under the eyes of all, the consequences of financial crises and wars, can cause the spread of new food-related emergencies to the factor. First of all, the cost of fuel, also due to guera in Libya and in general the Arab demonstrations related to the spring, has strong impact on the costs of business, going to contribute to the rise in the final product. But the cost of such agriculture was also affected by the new trend to vast areas of land for the cultivation of products destined to become bio-fuels, decreasing, in fact, the amount of food production, resulting in a new element of the price increase. The concern of the FAO focuses, in particular, the consequences for small farmers, the third and fourth world, which constitute an essential part of society in those countries that can boast a more complex manufacturing organization. The social role of producers in these economies, played by small farmers is essential to prevent malnutrition and ensure the basic living conditions for citizenship. Increases in components that contribute to determining the final price may also have psychological consequences on the work of small farmers, in fact, if the profit margin decreases, it also lowers the availability increased investment both financially, in the workplace. The management assured by small farmers was considered by the FAO, fundamentally strategic in the fight against malnutrition, therefore, to focus on problems of small producers, it means knowing where to intervene to prevent crises. In fact, the data indicate a direction of action for international organizations that provide additional economic aid, both free and very favorable rates, to ease the economic difficulties of small producers in order to be able to guarantee the certainty of the amount of harvest. It should also be an interest of the richest nations, beyond the purely humanitarian intentions, together with these results, in fact some of the major causes of migration are hunger and famine. Ensuring sustainable development for poorer countries also means moderation and therefore the migration processes proactively and effectively combat potential crime phenomena, triggered by extreme poverty.

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