Europe must return to being a global player

The need to return to being protagonists on the world scene has long been known, but today’s Europe pays for excessive fragmentation, which no longer allows it to be a leading player in the industrial, financial and economic fields. The European parliament returned by the recent elections presents a different picture: if the popular and socialist party have registered a drop in consensus, which does not allow them to be the only protagonists of the majority alliance, the growth of liberals and verses added new ideas for the management of the Union, allowing the sovereign and anti-European forces to be relegated to a secondary position. However, the reduction of popular and socialist consents also means the rejection, at least partially, of the Community policy of the last five years, which therefore requires a change of direction. The objective must be to recover the lost ground, especially in terms of influence and prestige at the international level; this can only be possible through a greater specific weight of foreign policy, thanks also to common defense policies, greater innovation and production capacity in the industry, on which investments must be increased without the fear of generating inflation and a commercial policy in able to compete on a par with the US and China superpowers. These objectives, however, must not be pursued to the detriment of the reduction of rights or freedoms relative to the role of the trade union or the press, but, on the contrary, they must be strengthened in a way to reconcile development and democratic values in order to make the European model exportable. , which should be considered the best possible. At the heart of this Union renewal program is the strategic agenda, which will be the programming tool to which the four parliamentary groups that will form the majority, will have to make their contributions. The themes on which European action will have to focus will be: the energy transition, which will make Europe the largest producer and user of clean energy, the development of digital services in order to create economies of scale, also to favor areas more disadvantaged of the Union and a commercial policy capable of having an effective reciprocal relationship with the national subjects that close their markets with the introduction of duties and taxes. But if the economy is considered a priority, the intentions in this field cannot be reached except with an adequate political and diplomatic approach. The current scenario proposes China as a rival and the United States no longer reliable as allies, and this requires a common foreign policy supported by a common defense project, both as an organization and as a technological development of defense, which must be prepared and rendered practical in a short time. These conditions are necessary to restore income to the European social classes on which the cost of the various crises has been charged and which have suffered the rigidity of the budget imposed by Germany and northern European countries, favoring the concentration of assets and the increase in inequality . European projects have often started with very good intentions, but the conflicting interests of states have thwarted ambitious plans, generating interim solutions that have not guaranteed the necessary development and have not made it possible for the Union to keep pace with contingent developments, which have been exploited by states able to develop more flexible and flexible policies. To allow a similar reactivity to changes, the new European executive will have to convince the states to surrender part of their sovereignty in exchange for which they will have to reach the objectives of growth and well-being to be divided equally among the citizens of the states; only in this way, through tangible results, will it be possible to stop the sometimes short-sighted but sometimes justified disputes that favored anti-European groups.

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