Elections in Libya: towards the defeat of Muslim parties

The first exit polls of the election of Libya, the first since the undisputed control of Gaddafi, whose attendance was about the sixtieth percent of claimants, would see the party defeated the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood in favor of the Alliance of National Forces, training which brings together some forty formations in an attempt to create a synthesis of the various groups involved in the fight against the rais of Tripoli. The advantage of secular education would be certain in almost all districts of the country. If the result should be confirmed, Libya would interrupt the electoral victories of a confessional, which brought to power, in all countries through which the Arab spring, the formation of Islamic origin. Especially in Libya would be an enclave between Egypt and Tunisia, becoming, potentially, a preferred partner for the western world, both for the southern shore of the Mediterranean, the Arab world. But do not get confused about the nature of the Alliance of National Forces, describing it as a movement of liberal matrix appears exaggerated, since, although not declared an Islamic force, said the sharia as a source of law. This factor is an anomaly in a secular political force calling itself, but also represents a starting point for reflection on how to define the nascent Arab political movements, arising from the Arab spring. In fact, the yardstick applied to Western parties can not apply in this context, where they can co-exist with the footprint no denominational appreciation of Islamic law.
Even the complicated electoral law adopted by the Libyan town does not help to build a certain hypothesis, since it is estimated that about 120 out of 200 elected, will be independent of the matrix and thus only the remaining 80 will be an expression of the parties, but is this prevalence of elected candidates independent should be the basis for the defeat of the Islamists and bring Mahmoud Jibril to victory. The mere fact of representing an alternative to Islamic parties has resulted in the definition of candidates for the Europeans, but for now this opportunity is not a certainty, the winner, however, will make a display of balance and vision, to govern a country more fragmented than split : the great challenge it will be able to unite the western regions with the Eastern, also divided them into different tribal groups. Not an easy task, the divisions that have marked the liberation struggle have remained so even after the killing of Colonel, the same difficulty of the exercise of the vote, thwarted attacks, especially in the region of Cyrenaica, are further signs of impeding the the work of building the state and also the absolute absence of at least a beginning of a process of national reconciliation, is certainly not a good premise. With these starting points is the winner of elections must then compete with a whole series of difficulties represented by the management of the rich oil fields and the subsequent redeployment of the proceeds, both from the perspective of income redistribution to raise a very low quality of life, both in Optical construction of infrastructure to develop the country’s economy, creating alternative energy industry will attract foreign investors. The task is not easy because the Libyan society that Qadhafi was based on corruption to capture the consensus of the most important tribes. To create the new company will be the Libyan tribes necessary starting point, but which are then passed in an attempt to give a more modern structure, at least in what will be the leaders of the country, trying to give greater articulation to the social fabric, through the creation of parties and associations and active participation of women in politics, a lot were opposed in the election campaign.

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