Cyrenaica declares itself autonomous: Libya to the federal state

Already started before the end of Gaddafi, the Libyan intensifies the problem of tribal and territorial division, which undermines the already precarious balance of the state. As for the territorial organization of the state you are comparing two diametrically opposed visions: the unitary state and federalism, the latter was abandoned in 1963 and included three administrative regions: Cyrenaica (eastern), Tripolitania (west) and Fezzan (south) . Gaddafi’s government has always discriminated against the Cyrenaica in favor of other regions, especially Tripoli, and in fact just from Benghazi, the capital of the eastern part of the country, started the uprising that toppled the regime. The autonomist impulses were always a source of repression by the forces of Gaddafi in Cyrenaica and the feeling of independence has never been dormant in most people. On the day of March 6, 2012 in Benghazi was ratified, irrespective of the wishes of the National Transitional Council, with an official ceremony, attended by militia commanders and representatives of the tribes, the region’s independence from Libya through the creation of a regional congress and its own independent armed force. This decision does not ignore the national authority of the Transitional National Council, which has recognized the leadership of the nation, but ratification of the creation of an autonomous state in Libya joined the Federal substantially. Tripoli, even in its new headquarters of the Libyan capital of the National Transitional Council, has always been opposed to a federal allocation of the state, preferring a more united nation, the capital was aware that foster a sense of process in federal territories and the potential antechamber of national dissolution. Moreover, historically, Libya has never existed and certainly was not the Gaddafi government to develop a unified national sentiment in a society where still the archaic tribal element, not aggregative factor, this is the only social organization of a certain relief. But if Gaddafi’s interest to maintain a state divided in order to have easier to dominate the political interest of the National Transitional Council is in the opposite direction. In their vision, very understandable, only a strong unity of the state can afford to build a stable nation. In this phase of history, making room for separatist tendencies can actually lead to splitting of the state far beyond the federal structure. The region is very clear the Libyan state, as it is now settled, rests on foundations far from robust, because of the absence of national spirit in the different clans, it is worth emphasizing again, remain the cornerstone of the social structure Libyan. The fact that we wanted to give now a construction of a federal state, since the defeat of Gaddafi, then that solution was rejected as too destabilizing to the post-war process was going to take the country. However, these differences exist and are the fissures that may allow foreign agents to infiltrate the building of the new Libya. And ‘as expressly stated Moustapha Abdeljalil, head of the National Transitional Council, accusing the Arab countries to feed the desire for independence of Cyrenaica, a region known oil and therefore has a fundamental asset for the nascent Libyan state. If this were true would justify the interference with the will to share a powerful economic competitor in the oil market. Besides funding the rebels from Arab countries have been substantial, even if objectively it seems unlikely that they were scheduled to arrive at such an outcome. This element, represented by the creation of an autonomous entity in Cyrenaica, is a further disturbing element in the path of state formation, that despite the disappearance of Gaddafi, has many signals contrary to the democratic path, as the repeated reports from organizations human rights for episodes of violence perpetrated by the militias against the alleged followers of the Colonel, frustrating the national reconciliation necessary to establish a good atmosphere in the country. It is difficult to imagine the consequences of the act of the leaders of Benghazi, now the National Transition Committee should make sure to change your mind at Cyrenaica, a company that seems difficult, in a diplomatic way and does not seem possible that Tripoli to undertake military action in the recent war completed. Moreover, the attitude of Benghazi, Libya, which recognizes both together, that the authority of the National Transition closes the door to violent action, which would open, then yes, the creation of a separate state entity. Easier to accept the decision to Tripoli and Benghazi change, even if reluctantly, their beliefs on the organization of the state from the federal form. Moreover, this is the dominant trend in the world, the exploitation of small countries, through separation from the central organization of the soft type and within well-defined tracks, however, if it happens in Europe may also occur in Africa.

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