China on the conquest of Greece

The crisis in Greece opens new opportunities for those who, like China, have high liquidity. To qualify for the different sectors will be stronger due to be privatized. The business opportunities will cover the sectors of energy, transport and essential services. China is already present with his exploits on the territory of Athens and expressed congratulations for the second rescue, operated by the European institutions, showing interest to enter more and more in the greek market, thanks to a plan for large investments in the public sector to be privatized . Particular attention to the port sector, where China has already invested heavily in its program and wants to bring the port of Piraeus in first place for container handling. The policy of commercial expansion of China’s increasing importance to Europe, still considered an attractive market, despite being deemed by many as a saturated market. The Chinese giant can not lose no opportunity to give vent to its production, which is growing at an ever higher. The failure of the internal market and the lack of growth in some areas identified as expanding, but not enough, however, determines the need to invest in other markets. The move to acquire the port of Piraeus greek means the real intention of creating a base to boost exports to Europe, considerarata, however, a reliable market.

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