Born in Turkey, the National Council against Assad

The opponents of the Syrian leaders aim to build a National Council along the lines of Libya. This should be a co-ordinating opposition to the Syrian regime, located outside the territory of Damascus, for greater protection and freedom of action. Probably the seat will be in Turkey, with the tacit support of the Ankara government, worried by the turn events have taken in the neighboring country. Turkey has repeatedly expressed concern over the unrest in Syria, who have also materially affected the flight of thousands of Syrians, who have become refugees on the ground turkish. Ankara has touched the practical organization of refugee camps on the border with Syria. The danger of a regime strongly destabilized it’s not in turkish to the growing economic development, which needs to develop their businesses, the Syrian-way communication. After the rejection of the EU entry of Turkey in Europe, Ankara has turned his gaze toward the East, developing a network of industrial and commercial relations, which require stability of a concrete economic partners. Meanwhile, Syria, trying to appease the international reaction, it hosted the UN inspectors, who must ensure respect for human rights, however, the mission does not seem to have had great success because the Syrian security forces have prevented the work of the Committee for reasons security. Once again, the Assad regime has complained of being victims of the terrorist forces of Islamic extremism. The opponents of the National Council aims to keep alive the international focus in order to avoid the world believe in the conspiracy against Assad, with the intent to overthrow the regime, far from being firmly in command of the country.

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