A reflection on the attack in Kenya

The attack on the mall in Nairobi must put new ideas on the structure of Al Qaeda. Even before the death of Bin Laden, the political and military structure , as a result of the blows inflicted by the Americans, was no longer centralized type , but had to undergo a change forced by becoming a polycentric structure , with command centers detached and independent of one them, united in a formal way by Osama Bin Laden and then his successor , but in reality already autonomous even from the political point of view . The common factor is the spread of radical Islam and fight the West , adapted, however, to local requirements . In Kenya attacks by Islamic fundamentalists come from Somalia, after nearly three decades of instability has not yet been able to sufficiently curb the armed movements that affect their lives. Nairobi is an ally of the Americans, Israel is home to commercial structures owned , such as where it was brought to completion the bloody attack and his army , first independently, then framed within a supranational force , pursued Al Shabab forcing it to more than one retreat. Some analysts have seen in action, a sign of weakness terrorist organization that has accomplished, in fact, this also implies a change in strategy , which conforms to the impromptu actions , clearly unrelated to a military strategy that aims to guard more organic of the territory. This change in mode can be interpreted, as has been done , as a structural weakening of the terrorist group , which crushed in the open field , folds of egregious actions , aimed also to reinforce the image, but isolated, sign of a forced downsizing . However, this opinion is not shared universally, that another line of analysts noted that behind the complexity of the attack there is a high level organization , which also included Western citizens , as well as local activists . This strategy would represent the will of the new leaders of Al Shabab to be an organization worthy of the archipelago international jihadist . Moreover, those who hold this view , it also brings as evidence the organizational skills, able to prepare the arsenal , including machine guns , already inside the mall , and an additional test is considered to have circumvented the control of the secret services Kenyans , just with the use of foreign nationals . This is indeed a gripe and a failure for the defensive structures of Nairobi , especially those relating to prevention. That Kenya had long been a target of the terrorists was a fact , but if the failure of the Kenyan counterintelligence is certain also that of many western service present on a territory so delicate it is certainly not to be neglected . The ease with which the attack was brought to fruition brings apprehension the first country of Kenya, but it is also a warning to the allies of the West in the world and the same NATO countries , the massacre of Boston should not be forgotten . View this light, it seems that the direction taken by the galaxy that consists Al Qaeda is to lead to an asymmetric war against both the regular forces present in Muslim countries , who bring in the allies of the west and also right into the territories Western nations . Although it is an ambitious project has been widely demonstrated that it is relatively easy to put into practice. The only means of enforcement remains an effective prevention through the action of intelligence and improving the quality of life of the poorest people , where it takes root more Islamic fundamentalism . Not for nothing the targets in Somalia , but not only were the medical and humanitarian organizations from the Western .

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