A new role for the UN

The UN Assembly has resolved the issue of a decision pilatesca Flotilla Turkey, which ended tragically, in front of Gaza. Israel was admonished for his violent behavior, but the blockade of the strip was considered legitimate. Once again the UN has lost a good opportunity to legitimize its own function, not even taking a clear position on an occasion like this where violence was a fact. The ambiguity of the UN’s conduct does not bring added value to every question that comes his way. Without clear choice and a policy tool called the United Nations will lose all its value becoming just another trinket to the most complicated situations. The Israeli case is illustrative, non-contribution to the UN as impartial body, has a large share of responsibility for failure to define the problem. The old legislation following the end of the Second World War can no longer respond adequately to the times, the rules that can block the Security Council must be overcome because, in fact, paralyze the activities of the United Nations. The first point on which action is to create a real independence of the entire organization, giving it diplomatic and military own, but the functional independence is nothing without a new regulation that enshrines the political autonomy of states. In fact what needs to be redesigned and rebuilt to be precisely the relationship with the states that must become equal and impartial. The ties with the nations are too pressing and too do not allow the proper conditioning and exercise to which the United Nations was created. However, the definition of roles and tasks must be recoded in response to changing global needs of the nation. But without an agreement between the states along these solutions is impossible, the individual interests seem an insurmountable obstacle to a reform that points to the general benefits. The problem is to define these interests, and recognize with them: world peace, the spread of wealth, education and knowledge, health care and health, the respect of fundamental rights of individuals and communities. Without having a common idea on the need for the whole world of these values, the very existence of the UN is not a doubt clarified.

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