A critique of the role of Germany in the current crisis

The economic turbulence of Europe feeds disagreements and potential conflicts between states far-reaching. Principal target is Germany, which by virtue of its economic capacity, it is virtually attributed not only the leading role, not sanctioned by any political endorsement of democracy, the role of moralizing against the countries in difficulty. The German attitude towards this unease is mounting exponentially in political circles, especially in the countries referred to as PIGS, that over the draconian measures being placed, behind which we see clearly the hands of the Germans, also suffer from the patronizing attitude from Berlin . In fact, Germany has embarked on a one-way only in the name of rigor, leaving the expansive phase necessary for growth. The strong suspicion is that Berlin wants to implement an economic policy in the euro so as to maintain its growth, thereby reinforcing, in addition to its economy, the consequent role in the Eurozone, giving no or few possibilities for growth in other countries , sacrificing only for the recovery of their debt, a measure that would so strengthen the euro and then Germany itself, which would thus have a double benefit from the measures it intends to force other countries. One hypothesis of this kind to frame an alliance unbalanced, if not a true form hidden behind a veil of supremacy. If this reasoning is true are two alternatives: expulsion from the euro zone countries weaker, viable hypotheses until you do not include among them Italy, the effects of an exclusion would be even more harmful to the single currency, or However, continuation of the area with more and more sacrifices for the weaker weights. Even from the moral point of view, forcing the populations whose governments have not been to the occasion, is an abuse by the European Union, which among other things, has its practical faults, due to its inaction in the face the rise of the problem is in fact widely believed that a sudden action, done that much faster would limit the sacrifices to be imposed on populations of the states in question. The German demand for rigor is understandable but should be diluted with concrete measures with can give hope to the populations covered by the mean measurements of sacrifice, Germany at a glance to be able to exercise its leadership role must be the economic engine that claims to be, but making benefits fall outside of its narrow confines, the only way to justify the existence of the euro even with the prospect of political virtue of a covenant for all purposes.

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